Bell Kearns & Associates Ltd. understands that with wealth comes reward – and also responsibility.  You may feel pressure to consistently make the right investment decisions to mitigate your risks and to maximize your returns.  It can be challenging and worrisome.

Choose to Create Wealth

At Bell Kearns & Associates, we manage the risks that accompany the responsibility of managing wealth. We help you determine what level of risk is appropriate for you, how to invest in assets that are appropriate for you and which investment counselors can help you achieve your best return given your particular circumstances. We ensure that your assets are constantly working hard for you, reporting to you every quarter, simply and clearly, on how your assets are performing – providing all the information you need to make decisions. Our goal is to make the complex simple.

Bell Kearns & Associates has been directing the wealth of families, foundations and estates for over 20 years and has established solid relationships with many leading money managers in Canada and the United States.

Bell Kearns & Associates is independent. In order to recommend the best investment counselors who can deliver the best returns for you, we must have the freedom to choose from a universe of talented money managers.

We receive no remuneration from any firms we recommend or any commissions from the deployment of your funds.