Growth Experience. Experience Growth.

Bell Kearns & Associates has only one source of income. We earn no compensation from any managers we might recommend.

There are no commission arrangements from which we benefit. There is no fee for buying or selling (nor for rebuying or reselling).

We are only compensated by our clients. Which means, if you’re a Bell Kearns client, we only answer to you.

We are paid by our clients. Period.

Bell Kearns fees, which represent a very small portion of a client’s investment fees, are paid in arrears, by the investor and are calculated as a percentage of assets.

To you, this simple, transparent approach means there is no situation where we can be conflicted by self-interest and we can focus completely on your financial interests.

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Additional benefits enjoyed by clients of Bell Kearns

Personalized Service
Bell Kearns serves a very limited number of clients. This enables us to devote our full attention to understanding your needs and providing superlative service.

At Bell Kearns, you speak directly to our principal consultants.

An absolute must at our firm, you can count on our prudence and good judgement.

Bell Kearns & Associates has unparalleled experience in the investments field. Our principals, Rob Bell, Helen Kearns and Susan Bell have over 40, 30 and 20 years of relevant investment industry experience respectively.

We work exclusively for you and your interests. We have no affiliations with any of the money managers we recommend, nor do we cross-sell or manage money.

Our powerful processes for performance measurement is a distinct advantage for our clients.