Whoever Said Failure is a Great Way to Learn, Never Managed Someone Else’s Money.

At Bell Kearns & Associates, we have a long history of understanding the needs and objectives of high net worth families, endowments, foundations, estates and not-for-profit organizations.

Based on our experience, we’ve developed exclusive methodologies that help us provide our clients with quality service and exceptional advice. Let’s face it, your appreciation of any type of investment guidance is going to be based on success – it will come down to numbers.

Investment Policy Statement

At the outset, we discuss your financial goals and objectives and after careful review, draft an Investment Policy Statement that reflects your expectations, risk tolerance and income requirements. We review any existing investments and build a performance history of your existing managers. With your feedback, this document guides our recommendation of investment counselors to serve your needs.

Manager Search

Bell Kearns & Associates has access to the most accomplished investment counselors in Canada and beyond. For each client, we conduct a search among our database of more than 400 firms. A lengthy selection process before every recommendation ensures that each counselor meets our rigorous standards for stability, discipline, experience and performance. Once a team is handpicked to fulfill your mandates, you meet with each recommended manager to determine suitability.

Ongoing Performance Review

Once chosen, we monitor both your counselors’ and your portfolio’s progress. Our approach is strongly analytical and research-based, using highly disciplined tools to measure performance. This yields consistent, value-added results over time.

Rob Bell, Chairman of Bell Kearns & Associates, developed BellCharts, acquired in 2000 by Morningstar, the industry’s pre-eminent system for evaluating mutual funds. Bell Kearns integrates this data into customized performance measurement of our clients’ portfolios. Each client receives a customized, consolidated quarterly report and a quarterly meeting is also scheduled with Bell Kearns.

Annual Review of the Investment Policy Statement

Our annual review provides an easy-to-understand report that provides the tools for proactive planning. At the same time, we re-assess every element of your current plan, including your investment managers. We examine key questions such as: Does your portfolio need rebalancing? Have your goals changed? Does your portfolio have too much volatility or too little risk? Tracking the pulse of your unique situation is our constant priority.

A year in the life of a dollar with Bell Kearns.

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