It’s not that we don’t appreciate a good day in the market, it’s just that we find a good decade much more satisfying.

Our Philosophy:

At Bell Kearns, it is our approach that an investment strategy must be patient. The market is not at all predictable from moment-to-moment but, for the wise investor, it has proven to be consistent over time.

The enemy of patience is portfolio volatility. It’s understandably difficult to stand in place when millions of dollars seem to be riding a roller coaster investment curve. But, while portfolio volatility may be the enemy, market volatility is the opportunity if addressed properly.

At Bell Kearns we offer a thoughtful, time proven process that has rewarded our clients over the long term.

The results for our clients have been a lot fewer sleepless nights along the way.

Money shield

Two words & an acronym:
Thorough, Unbeholden & CIO.

Money growing in a flower pot

The words are not connected in any way, but each has a particular place in how our business has taken shape.

We are thorough. Best explained with a few numbers. We follow more than 400 top investment counselor firms and the managers who set their directions. Every quarter end  we shutter ourselves in our offices and scrutinize the reports of more than 100 money managers across all asset classes. We delve into the decision making behind  the performance so that we can explain to you why a manager outperformed OR underperformed. It is this depth of analysis that enables us to confidently say to you; “You are being well taken care of.”  Or, to confidently advise you that “We need to consider some changes.”

Unbeholden, or if you prefer, independent. We can do our jobs well because we know who we work for. We are not tied to any financial management firm or investment product. We don’t benefit from buying or selling. Our reward system is simple, if our clients believe they’ve benefited from our advice, they remain our clients.

Chief Investment Officer (CIO). We are experts in our field in a way no individual can be. With our team expertise, year-round commitment and the institutional level of data and analysis we bring, we are perfectly built to be the CIO for your wealth.