What We Are. What We Are Not.
And What It Means to You.

Hands receiving money

We Are:

  • independent
  • investment consultants
  • outsourced Chief Investment Officers
  • vastly experienced
  • solution focussed
  • risk averse
  • not in a hurry – our approach is generational
  • laser focussed on serving our clients
  • financial quarterbacks
  • very good at what we do
Not a Bank

We Are Not:

  • a brokerage firm
  • a mutual fund company
  • money managers
  • resellers of any financial product
  • owned or tied to any financial institution
  • paid by commission
Financial Growth


  • As the CIOs (Chief Investment Officers) for our clients, we bring a high level of governance, investment expertise and transparency.
  • our conflict-free approach eliminates bias
  • because we are not paid by, or connected to, any financial vehicle, we’re free to find and recommend the best wealth strategies for you
  • our dedicated, expert team creates individual plans for every client
  • with a long-term view we deliver calculated generational strategies
  • our thorough, painstaking approach has resulted in high performing, risk adjusted portfolios AND highly satisfied clients
  • we work with clients to create plans that work for generations

A Typical (though fictional) Client

The Anderson Family Foundation, clients since 2006.

Mr., Mrs. and 3 kids. Oldest child is 22, middle is about to turn 19 and the youngest is 15.

Invested assets in 2006: $35,000,000 (rounded)
Net Gain (after fees): $33,000,000

In quarterly meetings, often involving the whole family, we review our portfolio recommendations and discuss risk, returns and the state of the market. By creating standards and criteria our selections must meet, we eliminate some of the emotional decisions that could otherwise creep in.

Through our inclusive approach, we are helping to prepare the next generation of Andersons to appreciate the importance of sound financial decision making.

The year 2006 was chosen as it represents the median tenure of a Bell Kearns & Associates client.